Review: Adam Baxter – Clean Hands

Artist: Adam Baxter
Album: Clean Hands
Label: Citadel House Records
Genre: Folk-pop / Indie-rock
Release Date: July 22, 2016
Letter Grade: A

Written by Warren Gordon

The release of Adam Baxter’s Clean Hands is one I have been anticipating for quite some time. I have been a fan of Baxter since he first walked into CHMR studios in St. John’s where we talked about music and old WWF classics. That was three years ago. This year, 2016, Baxter drops a full-length record that even Nan will love.

From top to bottom, Clean Hands is a work of art. There are tracks to dance to, there are tracks to cry to. The essence of Baxter’s sound is captured perfectly at Citadel House Studios. The record encapsulates Baxter’s live shows and it translates to a studio recording perfectly. Clean Hands has a lot of heart, and you can tell that this was a labour of love.

“This Love,” is the album’s leading single and kicks off the record fantastically. With a catchy chorus that you will be singing along to in no time, to a beat that would make Stompin’ Tom Connors jealous. “This Love” will find her way to radio stations near you.

Two tracks on the album, “The Brook” and “Old White House” showcase Baxter’s singer-songwriter side, proving that he can bring the party down beautifully. That’s not to say that the party on Clean Hands stops, as these tracks will have you looking for your nearest dance partner for a waltz down the hallway. Just watch out for Nan’s slippers.

Clean Hands is not without some Baxter classics, such as “Comin Back For Ya,”—which was named Song of the Year at the 2013 The Party Awards—“I Call This Home,” and “Darlin.” The aforementioned tunes are staples at Baxter’s live shows and certainly belong on this record.

My personal favourite track from Clean Hands is “I’m All Yours,” a track which seems like a different style of music from the rest of the album, but fits comfortably. Again with catchy lyrics and harmonies, Baxter takes you on a wonderful musical journey.

The album ends on a tune titled, “I Am The Ocean” which includes the beautiful lyric, “I am the ocean, that you choose to drown in.” This track is one you will bring to Topsail Beach on the one day of summer St. John’s gets.

Overall, Clean Hands is an album you need in your collection. All 12 tracks on the album are worth the listen through. Baxter’s passion for music shines on the entire album, and he’s accompanied by “His Best Friends,” which is the only way you can make a truly unique record like this one.


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